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Sat, Nov. 26th, 2005, 11:53 am
puckhiggins: pictures!!!

Hi all! yeah, i know, i haven't been a good group creator... BUT i come bringing gifts as apologies. below, in the cut, i have pictures of plays and such. they're all the ones i have. enjoy!

To sleep, perchance to dream! aye, there's the rub - hamletCollapse )

Oh! I should tell you about my "Christopher DuVal encounter"! ... except it wasn't really an encounter...

so, I called his house and left a message on his phone. We wont go into any details about how I actually got his number... but I did. Mainly my message was just like: "Hi. My name is julia. i really hope this is the duval residence... if not, please ignore this message. if it is, this message is for mr. christopher duval. I'd just like to say, that i've seen you in a lot of plays in the oregon shakespeare festival and i think you're the best actor in it. you're a really good actor and you were uber ((yes, i actually said uber on his answering machine)) funny in Twelfth Night..." and i rambled on like that for another minute. somewhere i mentioned wanting to be an actress in OSF. SO, 2 days later, I'm sitting downstairs watching TV and my dad calls me upstairs. Apparently Chris DuVal called me while no one was home, so he left a message! SQUEEEE! I still have it on my answering machine. He thanked me for my little "fan message" and said what plays he'd be appearing in and some other stuff.

so... yeah! WOOT WOOT!

Mon, Oct. 17th, 2005, 05:06 pm
puckhiggins: yay!

Hello my beautiful, beautiful people who love and appreciate the OSF as much as I do! (*chants* just 3 more years, just 3 more years, just 3 more years...) anywho, we have 3 members (counting myself) and 1 more person who has befriended the group! HUZZAH!!! I'm sorry this group hasn't been so, erm, productive. But that's ok! I have come to bring forth OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL ICONS!!! (i feel like such a shakespeare nerd!)

click here for icons of the plays/actorsCollapse )


Ok, because I am a loser and don't know how to make the tags show up for the color bars, I'm going to post the tag for each colorbar below them, and put one * in between. If you'd like to use one of the colorbars for you LJ, just take the * out and use the tag.

colorbars hereCollapse )

and here, just for fun, are some shakespeare text icons, that all read: "i want to be the ____ to your ____" example = "I want to be the Hamlet to your Ophelia" "I want to be the Berowne to your Rosaline" etc.

shakespeare fun text iconsCollapse )

wheeee, my only rule = comment and credit. oh, and i take requests!


Sat, Sep. 17th, 2005, 12:47 pm
puckhiggins: (no subject)

First post! WOOOOT!!

Hello, I am Puck! ... no that's not my real name, it's my nickname. my real name is Julia, but everyone calls me Puck. (if you haven't guessed, i'm called puck because puck is my favorite shakespeare character). So I'll answer to either name

I LOVE ASHLAND OREGON!! The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is so awesome. I get such an overwhelming feeling of joy when I go see the plays that it's impossible to describe. You all know what I mean! ^_^ My dream is to go down to Ashland in 3 years for college and get into the OSF and be an actress in it! I probably wont get in my first try, but I swear I will audition till the day I die until they let me in the OSF!!!

Um, so yesh, this group is to express your thoughts and feelings for this awesome play festival! I am a total loser and have made OSF icons. -_- um, I'll post them later... actually, I'll post them once more people join this group.

I just want to add before I end this post = CHRISTOPHER DUVAL IS A GENIUS! HE'S THE FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!

ok, that being said, join this group! and tell all your OSF friends!

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